This document was first discovered by Mark S. Lovmo in 2004 and has since been cited (often unattributed) in other articles on the bombing of Dokdo.

document is a memo entitled "Koreans on Liancourt Rocks" from the US Embassy, Tokyo to the US State Department, dated October 3, 1952.     With this letter were attached two enclosures:

  1."Information on the Movement of Chinnamho" (a letter from the Chief of Naval Operations of the ROK Navy, Sohn Won-Yil, to the UN Naval Commander in Pusan); and

 2."Tokdo Island Incident" (a translated editorial from the Tong-a Ilbo, dated 9/21/52).

Embassy Memo

Embassy Memo

Embassy Memo

ROK Navy Letter to UN Commander asking for permission for ship

Tonga-Ilbo, 9/21/52