The 93d Bombardment Group-Summer 1948

US Air Force Colonel Lee B. Coats, Commander of the 93d Bombardment Wing. A new Wing Commander, Colonel Robert H. Terrill, replaced Lee on June 19, 1948 when Lee departed to attend Air University at Maxwell AFB in Alabama.

Lieutenant Colonel John Thrift, Commander of the 93d Bombardment Group
Lieutenant Colonel Barnett S. Allen, Operations Officer (S-3) for the 93d BG.

Major Everett E. Zweifel, Commander of the 328th Bombardment Squadron.
Lieutenant Colonel Colin E. Anderson, Commander of the 329th Bombardment Squadron.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Stuart, Commander of the 330th Bombardment Squadron.
Lieutenant Colonels Robert Stuart and Barnett Allen shake hands just prior to the bomber crews´ departure from Castle AFB, California to Okinawa.

Bomber crews prepare to leave Castle AFB for their temporary duty deployment to the Far East.
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Stuart, second from left, meets with other officers at Furstenfeldbruck, Germany. Some aircraft of the 93d BG were on an around-the-world flight prior to arriving at Okinawa for the summer deployment.

A crew of the 329th BS on their way to Okinawa in June 1948. Standing at the top left is Aircraft Commander, Capt. Dickinson (Big Dick) and his crew. This photo was taken at Hickham AFB, Hawaii, as they staged through the Pacific toward Okinawa.

Aircrews unload their B-29 at Castle AFB after returning from the deployment to the Far East. All tactical flying (bombing exercises) for the 93d BG in the Far East ended on August 10, 1948.

A B-29 of the 93d BG back at Castle AFB after the deployment. Family members of the crew greet them on the tarmac.