Korean Newspaper Reaction to the Shimane Inclusion

DaeHan Maeil Shinbo article

ѸϽź (DaeHan Maeil Shinbo) 10 (1906) 5 1 ܨ : ﵵ() þ ο ϵ Ϻ () Ͼ Ϻ Īϰ Ȱ(ͣ) ȣ (̿) ϳ() Ͼµ ο ϱ⸦ (Գ) (ͣ) ȣϰ (Ϣ) Ȥ(<>)Ͽ Ī Ϻ ʹ⸮() () Һ() ɼƿ() ̶Ͼ.

The image above is from the original news article from the Daehan Maeil Shinbo. The report echoes the information given from the Governor of Uldo County (Ulleungdo Island and area) it also contests the Japanese Shimane Prefecture Inclusion. It reads as follows:

"May 1st 1906 Uldo governor Shim Heung Taek reported to the Domestic Affairs Office that some Japanese officials came to Ulluengdo Island and claimed Dokdo as Japanese territory, surveyed the island and then counted the number of households. In response to (Shim Hueng Taek´s) the report, the Domestic Affairs office stated that ´It is not unusual for those Japanese Officials to inspect Ulleungdo Island while they were traveling in the area. However their claiming Dokdo as Japanese territory does not make sense at all. We find the Japanese claim shocking´..."