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The Korean Photography Gallery: A collection of photographs taken during 1994-1996, with new photos added.

The true story of Kim Duk-hyung and the crew of an American B-24 that crashed in Korea during World War II.

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Divided Korea and Panmunjom

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The Bad Old Days in Korea

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Language Purism in Korea (a research article concerning the history of the debates over the "purity" of the Korean language)

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East Germany and the Berlin Wall

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19th Century Mapping Confusion and Dokdo

Japan´s 1870 Secret Mission Report on Chosun: "Ulleungdo and Dokdo are Chosun territories..."

1905 Taft-Katsura Agreement

Japanese Illegal Aggression Recorded in Chosun Documents

Dokdo and Japanese Naval Records

Documents of the Meiji Era Concerning Ulleungdo and Dokdo.

Dokdo Through the Ages in Maps

The Korean Reaction to the Japanese ´Incorporation´ of Dokdo in 1906

The Munhwa Broadcasting Company (MBC)´s "News Amni-Omni" June 17, 2005 TV Report on the 1948 Bombing of Dokdo
-download available by subscription to MBC.

Aerial Target Ranges on the West Coast of Korea (1946-1948), and a map of the area around Incheon.

US Occupation Authorities Recognized Korea´s involvement with, and dependence on, Dokdo.

A Timeline of U.S. Actions Regarding Dokdo (1945-1954)

1872 Map by Japanese Cartographer, Uchida Shinsai

1877 Map by Japanese Cartographer, Mori Kinseki

1936 Map by the Japanese Imperial Army

Map of Dokdo

"Who Was Nakai Yozaburo?"
An explanation of the circumstances and nature of Imperial Japan´s incorporation of Dokdo in 1905

"Why the Koreans Refuse to Go Before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) with Japan Over the Dokdo Issue"

The Japanese Council of State (Dajokan) Refuted Japanese Control over Dokdo in 1877

The Dokdo Issue in the 1965 Basic Relations Treaty Negotiations

Interviews with Two Men Who Survived the 6/8/48 Bombing of Dokdo

U.S. Newspaper Articles on the 6/8/48 Bombing of Dokdo by the U.S. Air Force

Korean Press Editorials from both Seoul and Pyongyang on the 6/8/48 Bombing of Dokdo

United States Army Forces in Korea (USAFIK) Intelligence Reports on the Korean Reactions to the 6/8/48 Bombing of Dokdo

The Mission Report that was written up after the 93d Bombardment Group´s bombing of Dokdo

Photographs of the 93d Bombardment Group´s Leaders and Deployment to Okinawa in the Summer of 1948

The US Military Request to Use Dokdo as a Live Bombing Target in June 1951

US Embassy Report: "Koreans on Liancourt Rocks" (1952)

US Embassy Report: "Use of Disputed Territory (Tokto Island) as a Live Bombing Area" (1952)

Instructions Issued by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (SCAP) that concerned Dokdo

The Korean Government´s refutation of Japanese Views Concerning Dokdo (July 1953)

"Korea´s Recent Claim to the Island of Tsushima,"   from the Office of Intelligence Research, U.S. State Department (1950)