This document is a Fifth Air Force "Estimate of the Situation" in East Asia, dated June 27-July 10, 1948.
On the last pages of this document was this report on Korean press reactions to the bombing incident.   The first two are translations of Seoul newspaper editorials from the Pyunghwa Ilbo and the Segye Ilbo. The last is a translation of a Radio Pyongyang broadcast.

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First Page of Report
repeated their bombing again and again, shouting in their devilish joy at their own atrocity.   However, unable to annihilate all the groups of fishing boats by bombing alone, they now swooped down and fired machine gun bullets.   As they fired, they shouted, 'There goes one, two, three...'   Then, into the their sight came the 'Taekuk' flags, but they told themselves, 'what the hell are these,' and went on machine-gunning the flags.   Let us remember it.
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