USAFIK Documents from the Summer of 1948 Concerning Dokdo´s Use as a Bombing Range.

These documents are from Record Group 554, United States Army Forces in Korea (USAFIK), Entry 1370, 290: 51/23/6, Box 141: Target and Bombing Ranges 1948. National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD.

This document is a June 1948 update on the bombing ranges available to units of the U.S. Fifth Air Force in areas in and around Korea and Japan.   Dokdo is cited here as ´Liancourt Rocks´.

June 1948 update on bombing ranges.

This radio communique is an update on the aftermath of the June 8, 1948 bombing of Dokdo.   The information in this radio message came from a USAMGIK (United States Military Government in Korea) agent in Pohang, where some of the fishermen involved in the incident lived.   This information was reported to CINCFE (Commander-in-Chief, Far East) and FEAF (Far East Air Force).

Radio message dated 6/15/48

A closer view of the text of the above radio message.

Radio message dated 6/15/48.

In this June 15, 1948 radio message to the Fifth Air Force, USAFIK withholds authorization to use Dokdo as a bombing range.

USAFIK withholds authorization to use Dokdo as a bombing range.

The Fifth Air Force responds to the above radio message, stating that they will comply.

FEAF replies with an immediate halt to bombing.   Dated 6/16/48.

This September 16, 1948 update on bombing ranges states that Liancourt Rocks bombing range (Dokdo) is has been permanently closed by Commanding General, Far East Air Forces.

9/16/48 update.