US Occupation Authorities in Korea Recognized Korea´s involvement with, and dependence on Dokdo.

Major General William F. Dean.

Major General William F. Dean, Commanding General of US Army Forces in Korea (USAFIK).

This letter signed June 24, 1948 from General William F. Dean, Commanding General of USAFIK, requested that the Commander-in-Chief Far East (CINCFE) stop all bombing practice at Dokdo, including the rest of the East Coast of Korea, citing the vital importance of Dokdo to Korea´s economy, nutritional needs, and to the livelihoods of the fishermen of Ullungdo and the East Coast.   This letter is evidence that the American Occupation authorities in Korea were well aware of Dokdo´s importance to the Korean nation.

Letter from Maj. Gen. William F. Dean to to the Commander-in-Chief, Far East (CINCFE).

In this letter, from Lieutenant General John R. Hodge to CINCFE, Hodge concurs with General Dean´s letter, saying that "[i]t is highly desirable that this area be available to Korean fishermen"   By September 13th, CINCFE had permanently closed the bombing range at Dokdo.

General Hodge´s letter agreeing with Dean´s assertion that Dokdo be available to Korean fishermen