Korean Photo Gallery

This is the center of the city as viewed from a hill called 'An-San'. Here, you can see Seoul Tower in the background.
This is Seoul Tower at night.

This is looking toward the Han River and the city's only "real" skyscraper, the YukSam (63) building.
The statue of Korean national hero Yi Soon-Shin, who defeated the Japanese invader Hideyoshi in the 1590's.
This is what a traditional market street looks like in Seoul.
This is Chongno 2 street as seen from the top of the Sisayongosa (Chongno ELS) building.
This is Pagoda park in Chongno. Lots of old men hang out here. It also has some nice bas-relief panels depicting the March 1st Independence Movement against the Japanese colonial government in 1919.
..Looking East down Chongno toward the East Gate (Tongdaemun).
This is Tongnimun (Independence Gate) built in 1896 at the west end of the city to commemorate Korea's independence from Chinese influence.
..this was the only place where the Korean flag was allowed to be shown during the Japanese occupation period.

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